When he was young, Kai was taken to an exhibition of photographs shot by world famous portrait photographer David Bailey in London, since then he has been fascinated by photography. 


In 1997 while he was at secondary school he convinced the head of the art department to allow him to join the A-level photography course despite having not studied at GCSE level (which was usually a pre-requisite to joining the A-level course). The head of the department allowed him to join under one condition, he had to learn the dark room process on his own time. Every piece of spare time he had was spent in the dark room, perfecting the skills required to get his through his A-level course. By the end of secondary school Kai had been awarded photographer of the year.

Since leaving school a camera has never been very far from Kai's hand, in 2002 he purchased his first DSLR (Canon 300D) and continued to take photographs.

Today, Kai has had his work published in a number of publications including BBC Countryfile magazine and was one of 5 photographers nominated as the BBC's photographer of the year, he has won numerous competitions and sold various prints to clients around the UK.